Aaah Cuba. Where we rode horses through the Viñales valley, open-air salsa danced in Trinidad, played in the waves on the Havana Malecón… oh and where we went to dinner basically in the buff on the romantic island of Cayo Levisa!?!

How did we manage that? Long story short, it had a little to do with some uninvited roomies in Viñales (bedbugs, baby), and a lot to do with a tropical storm that set in RIGHT after we’d stripped down to wash all of our clothes and get rid of the icky buggy feeling. But you can read the long story long, because Kyla and I joined forces for the first time to write allll about it in a guest post for comedy writer Jenna Wimshurst: Nearly Naked on Cayo Levisa.

Whether it’s pouring out and you’re curled up in your quiet beach hut watching Spanish cartoons, or the sun comes out and you get to be a majestic beach lesbian(/human), Cayo Levisa is a relaxing place to spend part of your time in Cuba. There’s really not a lot to do there, so it forces you to slow down. However, we do highly recommend: 1) not being soggy (keep some quick dry clothes on hand) and 2) bringing a hammock (we believe this is essential anywhere you go).