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July 2020

Day Trip to Saturna Island

You want to check out one of the Southern Gulf Islands but you only have one day to spare… is that enough time? Obviously, the more time on a peaceful island the better, but you can absolutely do a lot on Saturna in a short time. I recently took a solo day trip there, and had about about 6 hours to spend between ferry trips.

There are lots of options for Saturna. I’ll give you a sample itinerary, based on how I spent my day, with suggestions for alternatives (i.e. for packing more into your day than I did)!

One day on Saturna Island:

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Victoria BC Day Trip: Cycling to Island View Beach

If you want to a beach day with an active twist, cycling out to Island View is a great option!

For the most part, it’s a flat ride, following the same route that you would take to Sea Cider, or to Sidney. Save your energy though, because the last 10 minutes are a bit of a struggle over a big hill!

Start at: the beginning of the Lochside Trail, at the Switch Bridge by Uptown Mall. You can also make your way to Borden and McKenzie, and hop on the trail there (follow the bike path north on Borden, towards Lochside Drive). From the start of the Lochside Trail at the Switch Bridge, this bike ride is about 34 km roundtrip, or about an hour each way, depending on your speed.

What will you see along the way?

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