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September 2015



This has been a great month! I moved across the country to beautiful Victoria, British Columbia to start a master’s program, celebrated my 29th birthday, and I finally started this blog (something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time).

If you missed them, check out my posts on a hutong courtyard B&B in Beijingthe minivan ride to El Nido, Palawan (not for the faint of stomach), and some toilet-themed attractions you shouldn’t miss in East Asia.

Life is getting busy, as it does, but I’m hoping to keep up with the weekly posts as much as possible.Thanks to those of you who have visited so far!


Cool Places to Stay: Beijing – Mao’er Hutong Courtyard House B&B


What & Where? Mao’er Hutong Courtyard House B&B, Beijing; check it out on a map

What makes it wonderful?


Mao’er has only four rooms (it’s nice and quiet!!), and they’re laid out around a courtyard. The staff is incredibly warm and friendly, and they’re happy to help out with anything you need.

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The Road to El Nido*

roadtoelnidoI was sure that we were going to hit the chicken. Unaware of the comedic value of what were certainly its last moments of life, it was crossing the road in front of the minivan. As we got closer, the Filipino driver’s face remained calm, but his continuous honking became increasingly urgent, as if to say, “C’mon, you stupid bird, I’m rooting for you! Now MOVE IT!” I closed my eyes, reluctant to witness a violent end to the classic riddle. But there was no bump. This was the road to El Nido, and the driver had, once again, proven that he was a magician.

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Number 2: The Crappiest Places in East Asia

modern toiletTo set the tone of this blog, it seems appropriate that the second post, or – dare I say it – number 2, should highlight some attractions related to toilets and excrement. After all, those subjects form the building blocks of great punchlines (for toddlers) and are highly fascinating (to plumbers and also toddlers). Sadly, my adult life* has been mostly devoid of bathroom-related entertainment. That is, it had been, until I moved to East Asia. Continue reading “Number 2: The Crappiest Places in East Asia”

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