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What is Les Talk, More Travel?

  1. Les – I’m Leslie! I’m a Canadian who lives in Victoria, British Columbia. Les talk(…s)! Also, I’m a lesbian. Occasionally I like to write about LGBT-related issues and travel. Leszz talk!
  1. Les Talk – I’m an introvert, and I love to talk think and write about it! Some of my posts will focus on travelling-while-introverted. Les(s) talk!

3. More Travel – Ok, so travel is kind of an obsession of mine. I’ve had the extreme privilege of visiting more than 28 countries on 5 continents, and to live and work on 3 different continents. That said, for me travel is just as much about discovering your hometown and sharing it with others as it is about leaving your city, country, or continent. You’ll find posts about local and international adventures on my blog. More travel!

What else will I find on Les Talk, More Travel?

I love to write about specific experiences. Not so much about epiphanies reached on mountaintops, but definitely the thought process you may experience while having your skin scrubbed off at a Korean bathhouse. You’re unlikely to find lengthy descriptions of, say, the beauty of the Australian desert (mainly because there are many, many people who are much, much better than me at descriptive imagery), but you’re very likely to find a description of the advanced yoga positions you may need to know to successfully pick fruit in rural Australia.

While I really enjoy sharing stories about places that are a little bit quirky, I also find practical tips to be extremely important when researching trips. Expect to find info about great restaurants, accommodation, and general advice for travel in different cities.