Leading up to the 51st anniversary of the Stonewall Riots, I wanted to share my thoughts on Pride 2020. This was originally posted mid May, before the current, powerful iteration of the fight against anti-Black racism and police brutality. Another way that 2020 is unique is that the queer community is reminded of Pride’s roots as a protest, led by Black and other racialized trans and queer folks, in response to police violence.


Let’s get one thing straight (the only straight thing about this post): of course I’m sad that most big Pride events are cancelled. Pride season – and everything that pride with a lowercase p represents – holds a lot of meaning for many LGBTQ+ folks. It makes sense to grieve the loss of that feeling of community, the surge of visibility, and the blur of glitter and rainbows and unicorns that come with it. I feel that too. But there’s a rainbow lining!


Accessibility: for many disabled/homebound members of the queer community, the usual mainstream Pride events (e.g. the parades) aren’t accessible. Virtual events will be more accessible for many folks, and I sure hope that the brilliant international LGBTQ+ hivemind can come up with creative ways to make events more equitable beyond 2020!


Globetrotting/Pride Hopping: there have been virtual queer events popping up all over the world since cities began to shut down. Queers around the globe will no doubt find unique ways to celebrate over online platforms, which means we can hit up tons of Pride events across our home countries & overseas! .


Ingenuity… what CAN we do? As many cities lift some restrictions, people will no doubt come up with safe ways to celebrate within their communities! I’m hoping to see photos pop up of Victoria queers taking their big gay doggos on neighbourhood walks! There are already loads of online drag/queer performance art shows online, let’s support them! Distanced beers in the park with a few friends, dressed in rainbow? Yes please!.


Finally: Antici….pation! Whenever we can finally gather, we WILL and it will be the gayest celebration! .


Pride month is still Pride month without the ribbons and wrappings. It’s… … err I was going for an analogy to The Grinch but realized it had lots to do with Whos being close together holding hands. You get the idea though. Pride is in our hearts, not just our parades?ย ๐Ÿ’•.