The weather’s nice and warm in Victoria, and I’ve been having mad cravings for some Korean summer foods. Here are a few super refreshing options!

Patbingsoo (팥빙수):


A mountain of shaved ice, topped with sweet red beans. It usually comes covered in sweetened condensed milk and topped with gooey rice cakes, and you can often order it with ice cream, fruit, cereal flakes, jelly, and in different flavours.

Bring friends and get a gigantic portion and lots of spoons! In Seoul, you can find this treat in most cafes in the summer months, and often as a dessert option in restaurants.



Naengmyeon (냉면):


Cold buckwheat noodles! You can order mul (물) naengmyeon, which comes in an icy cold broth, or bibim (비빔) naengmyeon, served topped with a gochujang (red pepper paste) sauce and broth on the side to add as you mix. Naengmyeon is usually topped with cucumber, a hard-boiled egg, and (Korean) pear (배). Use the scissors provided to cut the noodles – a cut across each way (to make an X) should do it!



Beer (“maek-ju”/맥주).


Duh. This is basically food. Mmm cold beer on a hot day!

20140625_181413 20130906_213724

Like I said, duh.

Enjoy the heat!